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The CanWATT generator can be used for many applications including field deployments with Government departments such as the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Border Services, Fisheries, Oceans, Parks , and Natural Resources, as well as assisting in electrification of remote buildings or communities.

The CanWATT is extremely portable and lightweight. CanWATT is silent, smoke free and has a zero heat signature that requires no specialized shore electronics.

CanWATT operates in water with 1 meter depth and starts generating power at 0.5 m/s.

CanWATT can be used to provide power for many electronic items ranging from small military electronics, night-vision goggles, laptops, motion sensors, cameras or other sensors to household lights and appliances. When located near flowing water, CanWATT can power earthquake monitoring equipment that requires electrical energy to power their transducers and communication systems.  CanWATT can be used for Geo-monitoring and as an early warning system for ocean originating natural disaster events.    

Whenever instruments are required near flowing water, whether rivers or tidal flows, CanWATT technology provides electrical energy; day and night.

Versatile: Designed to operate at an average water speed of 2 m/s, while starting at 0.5 m/s and operating up to 3.4 m/s

Transportable: The lightweight and compact envelope of the CanWATT makes it easily carried and deployed by 1 - 2 people

Simple: Electricity is delivered to shore at 120VDC for direct connection to charger electronics (ex. phone chargers, computer chargers, communication power supplies)

Power Density: CanWATT's power density is best in class, providing 4 - 6x more power per kg than the competition

Reliable: Patent pending generator with integrated voltage conditioner provide dependable underwater electricity generation